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Therapy Mats

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Bi - Coloured  Therapy Mat

Bi - Coloured Therapy Mat

Provides you a luxury look to your clinic. These mats are always available for immedi..

Rs. 4,370.00*

Rainbow Foldable Therapy Mat

Rainbow Foldable Therapy Mat

Rainbow foldable therapy mats are suitable for pediatric therapy clinic. Lovable  colours attra..

Rs. 6,830.00*

Therapy Mat

Therapy Mat

A popular choice for smaller budget and high selling product. Product Dimensions   ..

Rs. 3,800.00*

Tri  Foldable Therapy Mat

Tri Foldable Therapy Mat

Bi Coloured foldable therapy mat's upper and lower flat surface covered by a colour and heal part co..

Rs. 4,900.00*

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