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  • The Botany cabinet introduces the child to learn natural shapes that can be found in their environment.
  • It gives the opportunity for the children to learn the names of each leaf shape.
  • It encourages the child to identify and match the leaves from plants and trees.
  • Child experiences the different leaf shapes by tracing around the inset and then frame with the stick.
  • Botany cabinet with 3 cabinets containing 18 leaf shape insets and frames.
  • It is made up of high quality wood with polished finish.


    Number of pieces



    Not required

    Materials used

    Wood and Plastic

    Recommended age

    2 years and above

    Country of origin


    Size (Each Plate)

    468x323x138 mm

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Botany Leaf Cabinet

  • Rs. 6,875.00*

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