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  • Brown Stairs
  • Children develop their visual discrimination of width (breadth) with this set of finely crafted wooden prisms.
  • It includes ten prisms progressing from 1x1x20 cm (thinnest) to 10x10x20 cm (thickest) while the length of each piece (20 cm).
  • We can encourage the child to build tower using these block or they can make stairs using it which will give clear idea to understanding about size variations.




    Not required

    Materials used


    Recommended age

    2 years and above

    Country of origin



    580x228x107 mm


  • It is made up of chucky sized wood and it seems to be little heavy, it may result in hurting the younger kids.
  • Play under the help of adults.

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Brown Stairs

  • Rs. 5,990.00*

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