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·          “Authority” means the company, Non Governmental Organization, Governmental Organization, Special School, Hospital, Therapy centre, Therapy clinic, College or University, Individual who give order to the Supplier, and where the context permits, reference to the Authority in these Terms and Conditions shall include reference to an employee of the Authority.

·          “Supplier” means “Rehab Store”

·          “Parties” means the Authority and the Supplier.

·          “Goods” means the goods described in the purchase Order or Quotation.

·          “Code Number” means the unique number that appears for a particular product or goods.

·          “Price” means the price for the goods given in the purchase order or quotation.

·          “Purchase order “ means an order for the purchase of goods served by the Authority on the Supplier which includes a description of the goods, the price and any terms applying to the purchase of the goods which are additional to these Terms and Conditions.

·          “Terms and Conditions” means these Terms and Conditions for the supply of goods.

From here onwards in this agreement in this agreement, the term “Supplier” refers to the website and Rehab store who owns this website.

This Terms and Conditions of delivery (“Agreement”) between the Supplier and the Authority of the website (“You”) described the terms on which the supplier offers you the delivery service ( s defined below) through the website. The delivery of the goods shall liable on the terms and conditions under this agreement.

The supplier reserves the right to revise, amend or modify the policy entailed in this disclaimer at any time and in any manner as it may deem fit. Any change or revisions so effected will be posted on the site. It is therefore important that you review these terms regularly to ensure you are updated as to any changes.

1.        The services

·          The supplier shall supply the goods in accordance with the purchase order.

·          The goods shall:

a)        be to the reasonable satisfaction of the Authority.

b)        be fit and sufficient for all purposes for which such goods are generally used and for any specific purpose made known to the Supplier by the Authority.

c)        be of the same quality and description on purchase order or quotation.

d)        comply with any requirements or specifications given on the purchase order.

2.        Delivery

·          The Supplier shall deliver the goods to the address for delivery given in the purchase order.

·          The Authority shall liable to pay complete price of the goods at the time of delivery to their premises.

·          Where the supplier requires access to the Authority’s premises in order to deliver the goods:

a)        The Supplier shall agree delivery times with the Authority in advance (unless the Authority agrees otherwise).

b)        The Supplier shall comply with any rules or security requirements applied by the Authority in relation to access to its premises.

·          Except where otherwise agrees by the Authority, delivery of the goods shall include unloading the goods at such place and in such manner as the Authority shall reasonably direct.

·          The goods shall deliver to the Authority in the mention period from the date of purchase order created.

·          The Supplier shall deliver the goods on or where the Authority agrees before the date or date given in the purchase order/ quotation. Unless the purchase order provides otherwise, the time of delivery is of the essence in this contract and any failure to deliver the goods by the date or at the time given in the purchase order the supplier shall inform or notice the authority to extend the time of delivery before a day.

3.        Property and risk

·          Without prejudice to the Authority’s other rights and remedies under this contract, property and risk in the goods shall pass to the authority on acceptance of delivery.

4.        Damage to the goods in transit

·          The Supplier shall be responsible for any damage in transit or transportation.

·          Any consignment of goods dispatched by the supplier for delivery to the Authority shall be accompanied by a delivery note prepared by the supplier marked with the order number from the purchase order. Where applicable, the delivery note shall also specify the means of transport, the place and date of delivery, the number of packages, the content of the packages, the weight and volume of the packages and whether or not the packaging must be returned to the supplier.

·          Where some or all the goods have been damaged in transit (or have failed to arrive at the Authority after dispatch by the supplier) the supplier shall either repair the goods in question ( at the choice of the Authority) provided always that:

a)        In the case of damage in transit the Authority has informed the supplier of the damage within 7 days of receiving he goods.

b)        In the case of non delivery and where the supplier has notified the Authority of the intended date of delivery, the Authority has informed the Supplier within 10 days of the notified delivery date that the goods have not received.

5.        Inspection, Rejection and guarantee

·          The supplier shall permit the Authority to inspect the goods and shall provide all reasonable assistance to the Authority in undertaking an inspection.

·          The Authority shall not be taken to have waives any of its rights under this contract (and in particular it’s right to reject the goods) if it does not carry an inspection or if it approves the goods following an inspection.

·          The Authority shall not able to cancel / reject the order in any form.

·          The supplier is not responsible for any guarantee and warranty claims.  The Authority shall approach the manufacturer directly for such claims.

·          The supplier is purely a marketing and sales store. The supplier shall not help the Authority in any form technical assistance and malfunction of the goods.

·          Any goods rejected or returned to the supplier shall be returned at the supplier’s expense.

6.        Labelling and packing

·          The goods shall be appropriately packed and labelled.

·          The labelling and packing shall comply with any reasonable requirements of the Authority of which the supplier is aware and with any statutory requirements. In particular, if the packages contain any material which is hazardous, broken, noxious or dangerous this shall be clearly indicated.

·          All packaging shall be considered non returnable and shall be destroyed unless the supplier indicates in the advice note accompanying the consignment of goods that packaging will be charged for unless it is returned. The Authority shall only accept liability for packaging that does not arrive at the Supplier’s premises following dispatch by the Authority if the supplier informs the Authority of its non arrival within 10 days of receiving notification from the Authority that the packaging has been despatched.

7.        Installation

·          The Supplier is not responsible for any installation. The Supplier informed the manufacture about the particular sales with the Authority.

·          The Authority can directly approach the manufacture for the installation. Here the supplier shall assist the Authority to know the manufacture and the contact details.

8.        Payment

·          In consideration of the supply of the goods by the supplier the Authority shall pay the supplier the price.

·          The Authority shall responsible to pay for delivery charges and other extra charges mentioned in the purchase order.

·          The Authority shall pay the complete payment (Price) at the time of delivery in the premises itself.

·          In addition to the price, The Authority shall liable to pay (where applicable) the supplier a sum equivalent to any value added chargeable on the goods supplied.

·          The Authority shall pay the price only in Indian currency (Rupee) by cash at the time of delivery or the Authority shall pay through payment gateways.

·          The Supplier require any advance payment for the goods, the authority shall pay the first down payment at the time of order.

·          If the Authority request an invoice for the goods, the supplier shall submit an invoice through the Authority’s email address for the invoice given in the purchase order. The invoice shall contain the code number given in the purchase order, a small description of the goods supplied and the price.

9.        Intellectual property

·          The supplier is not responsible for the intellectual property of the goods. The supplier only displays the words and statements given by the manufacturers and distributors.

10.     Confidentiality and official secrets

·          The Supplier undertakes to keep the Authority details in confidential; do not disclose any information to any third person.

·          The supplier can disclose the details only in front of the jury.

11.     Termination

·          The Authority has the rights to terminate the order by email to before the shipment and the supplier fails to deliver the goods within the mentioned period.

·          The order will automatically terminate if the supplier fails to deliver the goods within 15 days from the due date without any proper reason for delay.

12.     General

·          The supplier is not a manufacture. The supplier is just an online store, shall assist the Authority to source the rehabilitation equipment from all over the world at a cheaper rate. The supplier shall not give any guarantee or warranty to any goods in any form. The Authority is the sole responsible to confirm the quality before make a purchase order.  The goods shall not be taken back in any circumference.Delivery Information